The Decoration Loop

Have you ever felt like you’re just going round in circles? That no matter how much thought and effort you put into something, you’ll end up doing it over and over again forever? If you know that feeling then chances are you’re married and have lived in your own home for more than a few years. 

I have recently reached the end of the first lap of decorating our house and, as a result, am now starting the second. The Forth road bridge, now that paint technology has moved on, doesn’t even need that kind of attention anymore! To be fair, the first ‘coat’ was mostly just making the place our own and getting rid of the dark (think thick mucus from a particularly nasty winter cold)  green that the previous owners thought was a good idea.

Lap one was paint. The second time around we’ve stepped up to include wallpaper and matching curtains. Surely lap three will involve knocking down walls and building extensions…

But it’s not all bad. I’m going to decorate the office to resemble a ship captains office on an old schooner style boat. Like some sort of pirate but with a paint brush instead of a hook. I say ships captain, but that’s the pinterest board dream. It’s probably going to be some reclaimed wood and an antique ships wheel but a man’s den is his kingdom and his imagination is king. 
So here’s to the decoration loop and all those lost weekends spent watching the ceiling dry, marvelling how much cleaner it looks. Wiping spots of paint of the skirting board and peeling off masking tape to see it served no purpose at all. Putting wallpaper paste on the wrong side of the wallpaper and screaming at the cat because it sat on the paint lid, then sat on the bed.

Here’s to the sense of achievement and pride in working on your day off doing a job that tradesmen do full time to pay their bills. Here’s to taking a step back and then starting all over again.

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