The Happiness Swindle

One of life’s great adventures is the pursuit of happiness. Chasing the elusive dream.

For some people, happiness is measured in wealth and material possessions. We all learned from Fight Club what can happen; you no longer own your possessions, they end up owning you. After all, you can’t buy happiness and money won’t buy you love. Who knows? Perhaps that new car is just the thing to really make you happy after all, or does it just move the goal posts once the initial joy has passed?

For some, happiness is a state of mind, a delerium brought on by a new romance or finding a great new pub. It’s well documented that taking a break from all your worries sure does help a lot and a change is often as good as a rest.

Some people are happy all the time, seems it’s just their natural state. Always pleased to see you and always concerned for how you are. Rich or poor it doesn’t matter to them. If you can’t be happy in you’re own skin, then money won’t make it any better.

Some people are only happy when there’s drama. To be the centre of attention and the focus of everyone’s praise or pity is the only time they seem content.

Then there are those who never seem happy. The people who always receive ‘cheer up mate, it might never happen’. The ones who go thriugh life wondering what more there is, like an elephant feeding, nothing is ever enough.

So what’s right? Is there something, someone or an amount of cash for everyone? Is it buying a house, getting married, having a kid? Awards or victories?

It’s all these things and yet none of them. It’s a fleeting moment and a state of mind. A chemical reaction in your body and brain. It’s a myth, yet life would be nothing without out it. It’s everything and nothing, but what we perceive it to be. Whatever it is, it’s unique to you and starts with you. Don’t buy into the swindle, the hoax that a new anything will make you happy. Your happiness is yours however you shape it, however you take it.

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