Caribbean Cruise Day 8 – Brides, Grooms and Funny Pirates

Welcome to day 8 of our Caribbean Cruise holiday. Today is another day at sea but also the wonderful day for which we are all here in the first place. A family wedding. The bride is the younger of my two Cousins on this trip. The older of my two Cousins is already married and he and his wife are the proud parents of my little 2 year old buddy who has already forgotten our secret handshake. In total, I have 6 cousins. For various reasons, half of our generation were sadly never going to be here.  It’s a dysfunctional family, much like any other.

We got up early and went back to the spa area so that my wife could have her hair done. I hadn’t brought a shaver so I had booked in for a close shave. I was expecting a hot towel affair with a cut throat razor. What I got was a pro collagen shave. The nice young lady baffled me with talk of lotions and potions the likes of which my male brain can neither understand nor determine the difference between. We also defined the limits of my existing facial hair that was for keeps. She then pulled out a Gillette mach 3 razor, one I consider inferior to my own razor at home. Second considerations told me that, given the choppy seas we have experienced thus far, a safety razor is probably a wise choice. All went well, I was lotioned, hot towelled, lotioned some more. She then put something on my face and covered my eyes in preparation for a head massage that was included. I became aware of whispering and giggling going on. I asked if that was my wife taking a photo and sure enough, it was. It turns out that she didn’t have her phone on her, however, on the other side of the unit to my right, the Bride and her mother were having their hair and make up done and were documenting the event with their own camera. H seeing me with a full face pack and cucumber on my eyes could not resist using their camera to snap me at my most vulnerable. The shave did look good afterwards though so I wasn’t too mad.

Met up with my sister for a quick breakfast before donning my wedding outfit, which has been doubling for for my ‘casual’ dinner wear as it was the only (non tux) smart clothes I brought. Made a vow to myself to use the stairs more often as clothes that fit perfectly a week ago are now struggling at every seam.

Awesome cake topper that had it’s own travel story – Photo by Technicalbob

We all reunited at the white room and headed in for the wedding. The ceremony was quite short but well put together, it was like a normal wedding just condensed into a much shorter space of time. The Captain, Captain Bob as I’ve been calling him, put on a good show. The toddler amongst us felt the need to upstage everyone and steal the limelight shouting ‘You’re a funny pirate!’. Captain Bob lapped it up and even referred to the Azura as his pirate ship a few times. We retreated to the glass house bar for a tasty buffet lunch and a few drinks. Everyone seemed a bit sluggish, I guess we are all suffering the effects of over indulgence, decided to take a nap as everyone was leaving anyway to prepare for dinner later.

In the on board Wedding chapel – Photo by Technicalbob

My tuxedo trousers seriously resisted my attempts to do them up, made a vow to myself to ONLY take the stairs from now on. We had a big dinner in the Peninsular spread over two tables, it was nice to have all of us to eat together for the first time on board. Decided that over indulgence was okay as it was a special occasion, lost count of how many cakes/puddings I’ve eaten today.  Even my feet are feeling fat. I solved the problem of my fancy shoes hurting my Achilles with some well placed plasters but the pain just moved to the tops of my feet instead. Finally got some compliments on my blue velvet dinner jacket, affirmed what I had known all along that I was going to make them cool again.

Please excuse the lack of pictures but obviously they all have people in. They will be  available on facebook for people who are in my friends list once this journey has come to an end.

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