Caribbean Cruise Day 10 – Raiders of the Lost Park

Okay, by this point I have run out of witty titles. Today we visit the Island of Martinique (which I cannot say or hear without my brain changing it to Mystique) and it’s simply a very beautiful place. I could happily spend more time here than our cruise schedule allows for. I love visiting locations that have been used in films and TV shows. I’ve found the church that doubles up as the library in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, ventured to the New York Central Library from Ghostbusters amongst many others. This Island is where they filmed parts of Raiders of the Lost Ark, even if it looks more like the backdrop from Jurassic Park, though most of the islands share that trait. I’d like to have explored and found a few places from the film.

We got up early for breakfast, I’m sticking fast to cereal and a cheeky croissant, in case it’s me getting bigger and not my clothes shrinking, before heading to the excursion meeting point for todays trip to the botanical gardens. We travelled a fair way by coach and stopped into a church we passed along the way to get the Mamas and Papas stuck in my head. Found Jesus, he was hiding on the roof all along.

The gardens were lovely, the main highlight for me was the opportunity to utilise the slow motion feature on my phone and film some footage of the local hummingbirds in action. Flowers were scarce in the garden but lots of varieties of interesting plants and bamboo made it all worthwhile. A big attraction here is the rope bridge, or rather the series of rope bridges that take you above the park for some really great views, at one point you could even see the monstrous Azura looking like a tiny tug far off in the distance. The visit was short but sweet and before long we had to take the coach back to port for Lunch.

If you want to see more of the gardens and some slow motion hummingbird footage then watch this video.

We saw some of the family back at the feeding troughs and discovered that the hetero life mates had decided to walk to the botanical gardens this morning and hadn’t been seen since. It was a good 30 minute drive there and the temperature was a steady 28 degrees. I didn’t fancy their chances being one of them had already suffered sunstroke just by being on the ship.

Lunch was oriental, made for a nice change but couldn’t help but think a lot of it was leftover from last night. That’s probably not the case but my mind like a to overthink these things. We had a good feed and went back ashore to find more of the same shops, it was too hot to be bothered with them so I decided to join the herd and find a sunbed. Put some lotion on, found a prime lounger and settled down with my kindle book. Obviously, the sun drifted behind a cloud and the heavens opened. It poured with rain and everyone scattered. I couldn’t believe it, I stuck it out with a towel over my head for a few minutes hoping it would pass. It didn’t. I went back to the room to be consolidated with a cream tea that my wife and sister had swiped from the buffet and brought down to eat on the balcony. I’m still boycotting the lifts so it’s allowed.

Did some puzzles.

Had some dinner.

Went to the P&O excursions desk that’s not run by P&O, just people in P&O uniforms that don’t work for P&O, so we could follow up on our complaint about our submarine trip being cancelled. We had been unable to find out if we had been refunded and P&O were clearly in no hurry to reply to our emails. We spoke to a lady this time and she informed us that as we had it booked for the Saturday, it fell on the first day of the next cruise rather than the last day of our cruise. In short, the tickets had not been printed yet and it had not actually been cancelled at all. We now had concerns that as this was our disembarkation date that we might miss our transport to the airport. The guide in our room says specifically to not book excursions on your final day. I guess they want to make sure you are available to pay your bill.

Saw my Uncle that had ventured to the botanical gardens this morning. They were both fine and it transpires that it was a different park to the one we went to that was much closer, they never found it anyway.

Early bedtime ready for St Lucia in the morning.

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