Caribbean Cruise Day 12 – You Say Grenada, I say Grenada

Day 12 and no excursions. In fact, we have no plans at all concerning Grenada so took a lazy morning. Arrived late for breakfast and got ushered into the far end room of the buffet as Venezia was closing. Frosties were available and bananas were back after a 3 day hiatus. I’ve been needing some fruit having started to catch the sun a bit.

We went ashore and I made a decision that we should walk to the nearby fort. We are running low on dollars, I’m sick of tourist shops and everything on the island seems to be some way off in a taxi. We did not get off to a good start, immediately being hassled to go on tours by pushy taxi drivers. We stood our ground and politely declined each advance. One chap though just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He wanted to take us on a tour to see waterfalls, a secluded beach and anything else he thought might sway us. He even tried to sell it to us using his vehicles air conditioning as a highlight. It didn’t work due to yet another impromptu rain shower. He followed us someway up the road. I made it clear we just wanted a quiet walk, he told us he would drive us somewhere we could walk. My wife eventually told him we hadn’t brought any money out with us so he was just wasting his breath. The chap looked utterly offended like it was our duty to give him work and hand over money. I understand that the locals rely heavily on tourists but harassing us isn’t going to make us any more likely to spend money. The guy found another couple more willing but returned to give us one last chance. The people inside the taxi even tried to sway us but I think that was just to help share the cost. We once again politely declined and made our escape into the fort.

The slowly collapsing fort – Photo by Technicalbob

The fort was a mixed bag. Admission was a mere $2 so we chanced it feeling we had little to lose. The place was incredibly run down, there was no information or signs, just one plaque explaining a few people had died there. The views from the walls were pretty spectacular, and there were a number of cannons lined up for photo opportunities. It’s easy to see that the fort was built with an unspoiled panoramic view for tactical reasons rather than aesthetics. There were whole rooms that had caved in and all the debris was just left to rot, debris that included old gym equipment which struck me as a little odd. Even more odd was one of the in tact rooms contained an elderly man shining rows upon rows of black boots. A little more exploring revealed a basketball hoop in the central yard and an impressive gym full of up to date equipment, too. I took a bunch of photos, obligatory montage below.

We got rained on a little more but then decided to head into the town. Leaving the fort by a different entrance revealed quite a lot. There was a huge sign saying it was now a police training centre!

Back in town we just got hounded by any and all the drivers who had missed out on fares earlier. There were plenty of shops about but we weren’t in the mood so we headed back to the ship for, guess what, more food. We had lunch in the buffet and it was starting to feel like leftovers of leftovers. With a large chunk left of the afternoon to fill it was unanimous that we should hit the beach.

The beach was a short water taxi ride away on the opposite side of the bay. It was well populated but we didn’t have to walk far to find a nice spot to make camp. I went straight in the water, the warmest water yet including the pools on the boat. I tried to snorkel but despite being an attractive shade of green, the water was far too murky. Put lotion on and topped up the tan, it must just be when I sunbathe on the boat that it starts to rain. Time was ticking down and the masses were leaving in he water taxis. We left it as long as we could before getting in one ourselves. The operators must have had somewhere to be as the return journey was much faster. They literally put the top down and punched the throttle. They dropped us some distance away from the Azura too stating that the water had become to choppy around the other side of the dock. Instead we had to walk through a narrow tunnel with cars passing by merely a foot away. The fumes were horrid. As we got back to the boat we could see the remaining water taxis quite happily pulling in to the dock where we had expected to be dropped off. Swindled again.

It’s the last black tie night of the cruise this evening. This time there is a black and white theme so I opted for my classic black jacket. The trousers still do up but no part of me below my nipples is happy about it, and the button feels like a potential projectile that could pop at any given moment. Most of the men on board are in black and white by virtue of wearing tuxedos, only a few women embraced the theme though. The amount of clothes you’re expected to bring on these cruises is ridiculous. A few people had dispensed with formal wear altogether and were happy in their shorts and T shirts whilst gambling in the casino.

Dinner was too fancy. It had a set menu tonight in the restaurant by some celebrity chef that was mostly lobster and other stuff we don’t eat. The Wife is allergic to shellfood and I’m not a massive fan of it either. I did have a nice beef dish though. The chefs and waiters all did a walk around too whilst everyone cheered, clapped and waved napkins. It was odd but some sort of customary show of appreciation I imagine.

After dinner we tried our luck with the theatre again and once more it was the turn of The Headliners to perform. It was not a full house. Much better show than their last effort though. This time it was songs from films. Full Monty, Billy Elliot and a Bond Medley all went down well plus more. Whilst still not the best performers, this time the dancers had a much more prominent role and were able to show off their skills much better in a wide variety of skimpy outfits appropriate to the songs being performed.

After that we were lost and retired to our room to relieve the pressure building behind buttons, zips and seams.

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