Costa Rican Adventure – Day 3

The Adrenaline Bundle Part One

We met up with our new American friends for breakfast at a local hostel. The whole town is filled with tourists, mostly young thrill seekers and packpackers so hostels are commonplace. I had pancakes… and rice and beans. Luckily rice and beans seem to go well with everything.

We get picked up at 7.30am armed with swim shorts and water shoes, we set off for our canyoning adventure. We arrived for a safety briefing and a decent tutorial on the use of the ropes. Abseiling isn’t difficult but you need to know the basics. The safety precautions were also made clear that we had safety lines to rely on should anything happen.

I fixed my GoPro to my helmet and we went at it. In total we repelled down 4 waterfalls and climbed down several small ones. 2 of the waterfalls were pretty big and so once you get so far you have to let go and zip line down to the bottom. At one point we had to cannonball into a plunge pool and then climb down into a crevice. The guys looking after us made a human damn above us and then sent down a torrent of water to drench us. All part of the fun and a wonderful experience. Please watch the video below made up from my Go Pro footage and photos and video taken by our hosts.

Canyon Adventure video

We were tired by the time we got to the bottom but nevertheless we had come back up. My sense of direction is not the best but the journey back up was not as steep or long as I feared it would be. We must have gone down in a big arc. We reconvened at the top to recover with fresh pineapple and purchased the photos and videos as a group so we all had access to them. It was only a few dollars each so a total bargain. We received a buffet lunch and I think I had some rice and beans but I can’t be sure.

We crashed back at our room. Some of the younger crowd decided to go white water rafting straight off the back of the canyoning but the rest of us needed a breather. After a break a few of us headed down to the Las Fortuna waterfall. A small park with a garden trail and a path consisting of 500 steps leading down to a beautiful waterfall. Swimming is allowed in the pool at the bottom and was very popular.

The walk back up the 500 steps nearly finished us off. We had to stop several times and it’s times like these you wish you had more time to hit the gym in life.

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