China – Country No.2 – ShaoLin

Everyone has heard of Shaolin. It's famous in the West for exactly one thing. Kung Fu. From Xi'an, we travelled via public bus. We had all kinds of nightmare visages of what this might entail but it was just a regular coach and as comfortable as you would expect.We are staying in a small village … Continue reading China – Country No.2 – ShaoLin

China – Country No.2 – Xi’an

Xi'an, pronounced 'See an', is another big city and considered to be the gateway to Western China. Everything heading there goes through Xi'an, roads, rails etc. Though I find it hard to believe as China is such an expansive country. Xi'an boasts the biggest drum in China. The 700 year old city wall still stands … Continue reading China – Country No.2 – Xi’an