Thailand – Country No.4 – Chang Mai Part 2

By this point, we had been travelling for over fifty days. I quit my job almost a month before that. Time had become somewhat meandering for me and only my smart watch knew what day it was. Regardless, this was a chill out day. We had many of them planned throughout the trip, but this … Continue reading Thailand – Country No.4 – Chang Mai Part 2

Thailand – Country No.4 – Elephant Sanctuary

In Thailand, the riding of elephants is very much frowned upon, and rightfully so. Having been to an Elephant Centre in Indonesia we decided to choose this excursion carefully. The sanctuary we visited had great reviews and came highly recommended. Here, the elephants are a mix of rescued animals and many that were born there too. … Continue reading Thailand – Country No.4 – Elephant Sanctuary

Hong Kong – Country No.3 – Part 2

The next day we used klook to see what's on offer and discover a Studio Ghibli exhibition. We have enjoyed the stunning animations the Japanese animation house has produced for thirty years, but it's something that is just being introduced in China. My Neighbour Totoro was released there just last year and was well received. … Continue reading Hong Kong – Country No.3 – Part 2

China – Country No.2 – Hangzhou

The nicest overnight train yet brought us to Hangzhou. Having travelled south west, back towards Shanghai, it was noticeably warmer here. We arrived at the hostel early, finding ourselves unable to check in, we stowed our bags and headed out in search of breakfast. A Starbucks presented itself as the easiest option and we decided … Continue reading China – Country No.2 – Hangzhou