Thailand – Country No.4 – Kanchanaburi

We rise early and have to make our way to the SeaLife centre in Bangkok. It's a straight forward enough journey as the train stops right there, our major issue is not being able to fit onto the train. Fortunately, we gave ourselves an hour to do the twenty minute journey and made it with … Continue reading Thailand – Country No.4 – Kanchanaburi

Thailand – Country No.4 – Bangkok part 1

Our arrival in Bangkok is late at night. Knowing our hotel is right next to a station, we headed for the airport line. The line was closed forcing us to settle for the taxi rank instead. The guy gives us a price and we just accept it, despite large signs warning to pay the meter … Continue reading Thailand – Country No.4 – Bangkok part 1

China – Country No.2 – Hangzhou

The nicest overnight train yet brought us to Hangzhou. Having travelled south west, back towards Shanghai, it was noticeably warmer here. We arrived at the hostel early, finding ourselves unable to check in, we stowed our bags and headed out in search of breakfast. A Starbucks presented itself as the easiest option and we decided … Continue reading China – Country No.2 – Hangzhou