I’m not unlike other people. I’m a victim of stress and anxiety, like an ever increasing number of people.

I’m married and have a job, like a lot of people.
I’m an ex-smoker, like not enough people.

I write for fun and for therapy. I’m my own brand of crazy and revelled in it over years gone by. I have been a lot of different people for a lot of different people.

I’ve been a poet, of sorts. A scholar, to a point. I’ve been a spiritual healer and a tarot reader. I gave up both because they scared me.

I’ve been called Clairsentient, it means ‘clear feeling’ the way that Clairvoyant means ‘clear seeing’ and Clairaudient means ‘clear hearing’. It makes me intuitive, almost empathic. If you’re the saddest person in the room, I’ll probably find you and talk to you. I believed it all once, that it was a gift but also a curse. Now, maybe just that I give a hoot about other peoples feelings is all I believe.

I’m an atheist, though I find religious mythologies fascinating. I’d like it to all be true, however I think the world would be a very different place if there were a God. I believe in nature, Mother Earth gave rise to us all and one day, she will likely end us too.

I believe in Aliens, though I’m not convinced they have ever made it here. I think it’s more likely that all human like advanced life inevinevitably wipe themselves out before being able to visit/colonise other planets. Perhaps no one ever gets to live in harmony with the eco system AND develop technology.

I like food, casual gaming and wandering the globe and being bemused as to why anyone would want the world to be flat. South East Asia is my idea of beautiful. Halong Bay, Vietnam is the most peaceful place I have ever known.

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